Lane Andrew Boicelli 3/12/19

Sometimes you never think that the things you hope for will happen. My friend, Cathy and I have always talked about photography as it is a common passion we both have. Back when I started she and I would joke that if she ever had another baby I wanted to be right in the middle of her birth experience with my camera ready. It of course was a joke but little did I know that our joking would come to pass with her getting pregnant. That I would be prepared in my photography journey to document the birth. So as the count down began I had been prepared for the call since the end of February. Checking in once a week and watching her progress. So when I checked in earlier this week I was excited that she was preparing to be induced if progress had stalled. I checked in with her at 9am on Tuesday and they had just checked-in at Sutter-Roseville. She said she would check back with me in 30 minutes. Inductions normally take some time so I waited to check back in about 10 am.

I got no response from her via text. When I finally got a hold of Brandon at 11:15am he informed me that the baby had already arrived. I had missed the birth…so I jumped in the car and headed to Roseville to capture the rest of the day. Lane is a sweet baby with blond hair and the sweetest disposition. He is a momma’s boy although he calms right down at the sound of his daddy’s voice. He was alert and never once took his eyes off Cathy. He has a big brother, who was cautious at first but before too long was wanting to hold him and a big sister who I believe will nurture and care for him in ways only a big sister can. Lane will have a host of family and friends that will love and care for him always and forever.

Welcome to the world Lane Andrew Boicelli. I am so thankful to celebrate your arrival with your family.

Creation has always been the thing that connects me to the Lord. Since starting to do birth photography it has always been my desire to capture the first sunrise and the first sunset on the day that a baby comes into the world. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t…God was faithful to provide the opportunity on the day that would be Lane’s birthday.

Righteousness will go before Him to prepare the way for His steps. Psalm 85:13

Raelin (Rae) James the 4th and Final 8/5/18

It always makes for a fun day when I can go and spend time with a momma and her kiddos. It's even more fun when a newborn is involved and I get to take photos with all of them. Here are a few shots from my time with Little Miss Raelin. Loads of cuddles, yawns and wide eyed looks. All the while as her brother and Rae's sweet sisters look on. Thanks Vanessa for taking some pics of me too. I love watching kids be excited about photography.

Tuesday's Child is full of Grace.....Ily Anice Shorter 10/17/17

I had the privilege of photographing the birth of Miss Ily Anice Shorter today. Her momma started labor on Monday the 16th and progressed slowly until about 8:07am today, Tuesday the 17th. At which point progression only had gone to 5.5cm. Suddenly though there was a need to push and her water broke and she went from 5.5cm to delivering Ily at 8:26am. It was amazing and crazy and beautiful. Lori and Jason were the best team..with Jason winning the "Best Doula" award in my opinion. He was calm, loving and the best coach ever. Lori allowed us into a space that is normally reserved for just the parents and the medical staff. It was an honor to be a part of such a intimate experience and to share this moment with both of Ily's grandmothers. Ily was named by her brother Zeke who I might add was so loving and tender when he met his sweet sister today. the wonder, tenderness and kindness he showed to his Momma, Daddy and sister made me cry. I also found out today that she shares a birthday with her Uncle on her mother's side and a great-great grandmother on her father's side. 

I'm sure your folks can't wait to tell the story of the day you were born. It was a lovely one to say the least!

Happy Birthday, Ily!! You are so loved by your family.



Gwen Turns One.

Little Gwen was one of my Fresh 48's that I did in 2016. Her momma was a trooper as she labored many hours before this princess decided it was time to arrive on the scene. I was so impressed that both Natalie and Aaron seemed at ease during the first few hours after Gwen's arrival. I was thankful for a healthy birth and for two parents who I knew would be all about parenting this little. Fast forward to this year and time has gone full speed ahead and Gwen will be turning one in May. Thank you~Aaron and Natalie for including me in this special family event. There is nothing more special then seeing one of the newborns you photographed turn ONE!! 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.....Paisley Grace 5/3/17

We are often not giving the opportunity to be invited into what I would call "intimate spaces". I was giving that honor when I thought I would be doing Fresh 48 shots but instead was asked to be present to photograph a birth. This has always been something I thought I would want to do and having this awesome opportunity just confirmed it. It was indescribable...To say that it was a privilege is for me an understatement. This first time momma was calm, brave, peaceful and amazing through the entire process of birthing. It was no wonder that when Paisley finally arrive at 5:10pm that she too was calm and peaceful. Daddy was fully engaged and participated in the process of encourager and coach. I'm grateful for them and wish them best wishes as they embark on the journey of parenting. It will be filled with so much joy, love, tears, laughter and a whole lotta work. Amanda you are such an awesome momma. Thank you for allowing me to be present with you and your sweet family. Blessings to the Alvarado and Smith families. 


Hallie....from Newly Born to One year old.

In my Captured Moments Newborn gallery Hallie's newly born photos were part of my 2016 season. Hallie's grandma, Teresa is a friend of mine and that was how I was introduced to Hallie's momma, Lindsey. I traveled across the bridge to meet with them in their home to capture the first few weeks of Hallie's life. It was such a sweet time and I was so grateful for Lindsey's trust in allow me to capturing her newborn moments. I informed her when we first talked that I was a simple photographer. I didn't really do props or wraps. Just you and your baby.  She loved that idea and gave me a couple of ideas she hoped to capture. I've included a few of the photos from that time we spent together.

Fast forward to February of 2017. Lindsey and I have been in touch during the last year. She reach out to me during the earlier days in November when my son had passed away. She sent me a photo she had found on the Sacramento State website that had mentioned about my son's passing. It was such a sweet gesture during a time that was one of the most gut wrenching of my life. She then contacted me in February asking if I was available to do Hallie's one year photos and she wouldn't have want anyone else but me to do these timeless photos for her and I said absolutely!!! We both had a few detours in our schedules but we eventually worked out a time and a place and below are the results of our time together. I love this family!! 

Lindsey...thank you for not only reaching out to me but for trusting me with your most precious possession...your family. 

Sugar and Spice....Welcome Olivia Canalita Lahl~January 26, 2017

I really can't tell you how exciting it is to see new parents as they navigate the first 48 hours after having a newborn. So many things to discover and cherish, hurdles to overcome and challenges to push through. Just about two weeks ago I posted a Milk Bath Maternity session with Lindsey...I've included it here in this blog post just in case you missed it. Lindsey and I did that session at the beginning of January and she wasn't due until February. So when she started having contraction last week it looked like Miss Olivia would be arriving in God's perfect timing and Lindsey, David and all of their extended family could not be more excited to welcome her.

These are just a few of the photos captured during their first 48 hours as a new family. Both of you have included me in all...if not most of your life events and I am so thankful for your love and friendship. Your love for each other is so evident and Olivia is one blessed little girl to have you both as parents. Lindsey you bring such tenderness and nurturing...David always the confident protector and encourager. Thank you for share and including me in such a special and intimate time with your new family. I'm already so impressed by who you both are as parents.

I know...she is so dang cute!!!

Lindsey Lahl~Milk Bath Maternity Session~January 2017

Every now and again I see something beautiful and I really want to try to recreate it. Most of the time that is easy cause I can find a landscape or a flower that I can photograph and off I go. It is so much harder when you have to find a model...a living breath person who is willing to allow you to have creative license with them on a shoot. I had been seeing all of these great photos on several websites for Milk Bath photography. Most of the time they are related to maternity or newborn sessions and I am so appreciative of the Milk Bath element for the delicate look and just the natural alluring aspect of this type of photo.

So after studying how I might be able to accomplish this style of photography and realizing I had the best location (our master bath has a great oval tub with a large window).  I then did some research on the elements of creating the Milk Bath....powdered milk vs. real milk, fake flowers vs. real, hot water vs. cold and every variation of this.... I was so fortunate to have a friend who is due to have her baby in just a couple weeks give me the opportunity to try out this type of photography. So on the first of January with all of the items needed and with her mom as my assistant we ventured into creating this lovely Milk Bath Maternity Session. Thank you for making the beginning of 2017 start off with so much grace and beauty. 

I want to thank the ladies at Stem's Florist for helping me choose the right flowers and greenery for these photos. I used powdered milk, cornstarch, and lavender essential oils. Thanks for trusting me to photograph you and for being such a willing model. If this looks like something you'd like to try, send me a message on Facebook or through my website. I look forward to creating a beautiful session with you.